The Theatre Dream

Woke up laughing this morning. Had a “dream” that I was an usher/employee at a movie theatre. The seats were…

Into The Sun…Literally

I need to share a vision I had yesterday. It was fairly lengthy and detailed, so this will likely turn…

Letting go and holding space. — Esprit De La Mer

Letting Go and Holding Space

Surrounded by darkness, moments on my journey, suffocated by fear. What will others think of me? Can I be honest? What should I share? What will happen if I talk about what I am experiencing? Will they run? Will they hold me safe while I feel what I have to feel? Am I a burden?

The Four Of Swords, The King’s Journey

The Four Of Swords, The King’s Journey

We all need to clear our thoughts at times and get regrouped. That is sometimes easier said than done. The mind loves to circle around the same old concepts and worries, attitudes and beliefs. Our thoughts stack up like layers of clouds that fog our mind and thinking process. Some of these thoughts are beneficial and some not. We must learn the art of self-negotiation to become master of our own mind.